Pod Cast 2: Dating & Love in the LGBT World


Today, we are chatting about dating in the LGBT world. As this is something that neither I or the girls can give a direct insight to, a very lovely and inspiring friend of mine came along to chat. My friend is a strong influencer in the trans community and has talked to us about his transition, journey, societies views and of course the sexy dating scene. While discussing the above cultural views we somehow end up on the topic of peak dick pic times, how fun it is to be subservient (or not) and why it’s totally okay to end up sleeping with your college teachers room mate… honestly! Enjoy x


Pod Cast 1: One Night Stands 

giphy (91).gif

Most people in their twenties have been here. Our inhibitions erased and for whatever reason we embark on a lust-filled evening with a stranger. The girls and I discuss the taboo subject of “One Night Stands”. What do we enjoy about them? What don’t we? Our experiences. What the view is from society AND our recommendations. Enjoy….




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