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So ladies (and gents if you’re brave) … welcome to my blog. I started writing this blog over 12 months and for silly reasons stopped, so I would like to thanks all my friends and family that have encouraged me to write again.

I chose to write this blog as 3 years ago I left a comfortable suburban Surrey lifestyle and long term relationship and moved (single) to London.

The last 3 years of my life have taught me more than I have ever known about myself. I have gained independence, an identity and have had the time of my life. I have had some great highs, but it has been a crazy journey so have experienced some real lows and wanted to share my experience, as I know so many people can relate. Whether it’s the moments where you feel like the gym and your mum are your only friends, the moments where everyone is having babies and you’re having pizza, the moment you realise you’re on another disastrous date or just the moment you realise you have no idea what you are doing with your life – I hope you can relate and this makes you smile.

So, I composed this blog to tell my story – no unrealistic instgrams, no snap chat selfies – my life – no filter (#gulp) so hopefully any 20-something woman can connect and know NONE OF US HAVE OUR SHIT TOGETHER.

Much love and thanks for reading.

B x





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