Podcast five: Is dating just a game?

cruel inte

My Grandma has been by far the best person to give me advice on dating and men; the reason why? Back in her day, there weren’t any dating apps, there wasn’t any whats app heck, there wasn’t even public transport. As such, it took a lot of effort and time to “court” someone and you would have to have a lot of free time to be dating more than one person.

In this day and age, with the introduction of tinder, bumble, happn and if we are honest living in a culture where any person is disposable, has dating just become a game? As always we give our opinion on the dating game, players, if there is an end goal and even if you go get into a relationship, do the games stop then?

Enjoy X



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A twenty - something (seven) single year old living the London life. My life consists of eating and wanting to stay thin, wanting to party and also eat pizza alone in bed, working hard or hardly working and dating. My blog is around mental health, life in London, dating, brunching and on the odd occasion stalking dogs! Enjoy - it has been as fun living it as it had writing it <3

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