Harry the Hot Hat Thieving Hippy

Following the best date ever, I realised that as much fun as I had, I probably shouldn’t settle down with a really hot gay guy, you know? Sexual orientation really isn’t something you can or should overlook. (Dating guru advice tip #1) After my last date, I gave up on dating apps as the guys... Continue Reading →

Prince the Perfect Date

So, following Henry and I’s brief fling, it was back to the singles market.  Now, I’m not sure about how other ladies feel, but about a year and a half into dating, I started to lose interest/hope. Conversations and small talk felt repetitive, the same dull bars, filled with the same dull people …. urgh, I... Continue Reading →

The Work Wife: Taking a Sabbatical

Hey guys, thanks for checking back in to hear more about the work wife. In this post we meet (the first) little ending in Henry and I's "friendship". In this post, I learned as a first point, why boys sometimes don't make very good friends and, well, why some boys.... welllll, they never quite grow up.... Continue Reading →

The Work Wife

So ladies and gents, I was a bit unsure of where to start with the little saga of the work wife and I, so I decided to go right from the start. There are many a learning I took from my "friendship" with my work my wife, the overarching being that work involvements nine out... Continue Reading →

Cal the Criminal

Hi guys, Thanks for coming back again and sorry for the slight delay, LA has been too fun! Enjoy my next disaster date, this was one of my faves... Following a slightly painful start back on the dating scene, my faith certainly hadn't been restored in the world of love. I was now a year... Continue Reading →

Self care – Taking a break!

Hey guys! Thanks for coming back to read one of my #selfloveclub posts. So, as you are all welllll aware, I'm a pretty open book when it comes to talking about my life, my experiences and learnings (I sometimes wonder if that is a good or bad trait, but have chosen to embrace it none... Continue Reading →

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