Podcast 4: Work relationships

Great suggestion from a reader! Are work relationships a good or bad idea? Hear us girls catch up on work flings, office break ups, the "power" attraction and gossip. We have heard of some Pam and Jim happy endings but we only seem to have found Dwight's! Guess what our advice is? Enjoy x  

The Dream Date Duncan

Hi guys, thanks for coming back after hearing about the dildo disaster, trust me, you wont believe this but it gets funnier and more surreal as well as a little more serious at times too.  As much as I don't like to write serious posts, with some of my story, it's the right thing to... Continue Reading →

Podcast Three: Cheating 

So ladies and gents, thanks for coming back and listening to another cast. Today we discuss cheating, covering boundaries, what constitutes as cheating, if is monogamy an outdated concept and as always our experiences and advice. Next week we are leaving it open to you guys as to what we discuss, feel free to drop... Continue Reading →

Joey the Joker

So, before I continue with my disastrous dating diaries, thanks for coming back to read more (it means the world). For anyone new to this blog, you might want to skip back a few steps and catch up! Any whooooo, before I tell you about the end of Joey and I, let's give you a... Continue Reading →

He’s just not that into you.

So ladies (and gents). It's been a busy week recording another podcast and keeping up with posts. Despite being busy, I did manage to fit in some "me" time (a whole two hours!) and watched a film that is a classic favourite of mine. "He's just not that into you"  Watching the film really made... Continue Reading →

Podcast 3: Dating Apps?

Happy hump day readers (no pun intended). If you are back again, thanks for listening to our third Pod Cast. We did have a podcast on "Numbers" but it was wiped by my Mac (thanks Apple!). Soooo, instead, today's podcast is based around a tool that most of us seem to equip ourselves with in... Continue Reading →

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